7 157 Outstanding Checks

An official or agent not complying with subsection of this section may be removed from office. The official or agent may be required to forfeit to the Government any part of the money held by the official or agent and to which the official or agent may be entitled. Except as provided in section of this https://www.wave-accounting.net/ title, an official or agent of the Government receiving money for the Government from any source shall deposit the money in the Treasury as soon as practicable without deduction for any charge or claim. In subsection , the words “Except as provided in section 3326 of this title” are added for clarity.

How do I clear old outstanding checks?

Create an adjusting journal entry where you debit your bank account for the amount of the voided check and credit the expense account that was originally debited. Remove the check from the list and be done with it.

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105. Which of the following controls would best help detect the removal of a blank check by an employee from the back of a company’s checkbook for subsequent misappropriation of funds? An accounting policies manual. Tracing any debit memorandums from the bank to the company’s records. The use of prenumbered checks. A review of the cash budget. Which one of the following is not an objective of a system of internal controls?

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  • The words “Secretary of the Treasury” are substituted for “Division of Disbursement, Treasury Department” in section 1(last proviso of 2d par. on p. 140) of the Act of May 14, 1937, because of section 1 of Reorganization Plan No.
  • The words “issue a check payable to” are substituted for “make the payment . . . by sending to . . . a check that is drawn in favor of the organization” for clarity and consistency and to eliminate unnecessary words.

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The description of the company’s environmental complaint resolution procedure as described in paragraph of this section. Interconnection facilities means the interconnecting point, which includes the tap, metering, and M&R facilities and the related interconnecting pipeline. Main line means the principal transmission facilities of a pipeline system extending from supply areas to market areas and does not include small diameter supply or delivery laterals or gathering lines. Facility, for purposes of construction under this subpart, does not include an auxiliary facility that qualifies for construction under § 2.55 of this chapter or a replacement facility that qualifies for construction under § 2.55. Assisting the prospective applicant in developing initial information about the proposal and identifying affected parties . At least 90 days prior to filing an application, file draft Resource Report 13 . At least 60 days prior to filing an application, file revised draft Resource Reports 1 through 12, if requested by Commission staff.

  • If the project cost is greater than the amount specified in column 1 of Table I, but less than the amount specified in column 2 of Table I, the certificate holder is authorized to make miscellaneous rearrangements of any facility, or acquire, construct, replace, or operate any eligible facility.
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  • A $100 petty cash fund has cash of $15 and receipts of $80.
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