About Us

Rotex’s management & technical team have experience over 15 years of interlining business in Bangladesh

Dream, every initiative starts with it and Rotex made it to reality. Rotex not just sales good quality product but sales its values.

Rotex is proud to be a dreamer. Dreamt to deliver its customer unique selling experience that talks about values not just price alone. Dreamt to embrace good business practices that reflect ethics, environment and sustainability.

Uniquely experience every single product that Rotex delivers is fused with its dreams and values that gives your garments the look your buyers demand, delivery that your production pursue and price that your company relish to maximize profit.

This is us, humbly another interlining company who says every supplier is good, we are just slightly better than the rest because we believe in our dream.

Our Product Range

  • Shirt Interlining
  • Suit Interlining
  • Tie Interlining
  • Jacket Interlining
  • Trouser Waist Interlining
  • Cap Interlining
  • Sportswear Interlining